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All though we have relatively mild winters here in Southern California, there are still a few housekeeping items you want to keep up with each winter to keep your home performing optimally.

Check Weather-Stripping and Trim - An easy start is to inspect all of your windows and doors from the exterior. You are looking for any visible gaps from the siding, whether it is stucco, wood, laminate and the trim. If you are able to locate any gaps fill it with caulking to help keep water out.

Inspect the Shingles and Flashing - Roofing shingles can degrade over time from sun exposure. Especially on West and South facing sides of your home. If your shingles are worn out, they need to be replaced before the rainy season. You will want to check your flashing which is generally sheet metal that is wrapped around any protrusions on the roof i.e. chimney, stacks and vents. If you see any holes or any cracking around the flashing you can fill them in with roofing cement. If you have any shingles, or flashing that is damaged or missing, contact a roofing contractor.

Clear Roof and Gutters of Debris -  This one is as simple as it sound. You want to make sure all water is able drain easily and on it’s own, standing water can spell disaster for your roof. If you aren’t able to get up to your roof and roof drainage systems, call a professional.

Check your Drainage Systems- If your home has any surface, or subsurface drainage systems, be sure to visually inspect what you can to insure there aren’t any blockages. Walk the perimeter of your property during a heavy rain to look for any signs of over flooding or areas of concern.

Make Sure Your Furnace is Ready for Cold Weather - To test your furnace turn the heat up to 80 degrees on your thermostat. As long as the furnace turns on and it is blowing warm air all is good. Inspect the furnace for any signs of damage and make sure your replace your air filter at the start of each winter. If there are any obstructions to the vents or ducting in your attic or crawlspace remove them and check for leaks in these areas while the furnace is running. It’s always wise to consider hiring professional evaluate and service your furnace. A professional can find issues you don’t even know to look for and they will keep your furnace running most efficiently.

CABANA CONCEPTS: Goes the extra distance when weatherproofing your LaCANTINA Door & Window Systems. At Cabana we use the highest quality hybrid sealants and flashing materials that we have personally tested in extended exposure to the elements. From sill pans under the threshold, to flashing, foam and caulking Cabana Concepts insures that your LaCANTINA Doors & Windows stand up to any weather Southern California can throw at it. Call us today to learn more!