Cabana Concepts specializes in quality service from professional consultations, customized installations, as well as service solutions made to satisfy all your folding door and window system needs.


Free in home consultations are available upon request. We are excited to assist you with your Cabana Concept from design to completion. Our goal is to make sure you choose the correct size and style of door for your project. We are here for you whether you need a bifold door, sliding door, pocket door or swing door. We render our services based on your needs to give you a custom tailored experience. Serving all of San Diego County for your folding and sliding door needs.


We offer professional installations. Our installation team has precisely installed over 500 La Cantina door systems, we are no stranger to factory requirements and specifications to ensure years of enjoyable operation. We skillfully comprehend the LaCantina products and execute installation within factory specifications to protect your investment and keep it within the manufacturer warranty guidelines.

Service Solutions

Folding door systems have many moving parts, it is very important to inspect, clean, lube and adjust your door system routinely to eliminate the potential possibilities of voiding warranties, poor operation & premature hardware failures.

Offering on call door and window repair and service as well as the recommended Bi-annually routine maintenance, service adjustments and inspections as needed. Routine maintenance, including adjustments, cleaning & lubricating moving hardware & rollers will keep your doors rolling and operating like new for years to come.

We are Factory-Trained and Certified LaCantina Door Installers & Service Technicians , capable of handling most issues onsite in a timely fashion.

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